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May 2019 RAD Studio Roadmap

New Delphi roadmap is live: Important highlights 10.3.2 update will bring 64bit macOS support - mid 2019. 10.4 will add 64bit Android support - late 2019. Android developers on active subscription should keep an eye for 10.4 beta that will start this summer and will come with permission for beta testers to upload 64bit applications on Google Play Store. Also important notice for all mobile developers from 10.4 memory management will be unified across all platforms, which means ARC compilers will be gone.

Disable Delphi Rio IDE Theme

If you are not big fan of new Delphi IDE (light or dark ones) themes you are out of luck. They are default look and old Windows styled IDE is no longer officially supported. In previous versions there was checkbox for enabling or disabling IDE themes. In Rio that checkbox is gone and you can only choose between default Light or Dark themes or use custom VCL Style. But all is not lost.  You can still disable themes by editing appropriate registry values. Head to following registry key Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Embarcadero\BDS\20.0\Theme and change following key-value entry: Key: Enabled Value: 0 If you wish to enable themes again just change Value back to 1.