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When in Rome, do as the Romans do - Part III

In Delphi, properties can be backed by simple fields, but they can also have getter and setter functions that can be vital to the proper functioning of a class. They can contain additional initialization code, protect the consistency of the object's data, prevent invalid input... Photo: Gary Todd from Xinzheng, China, PDM-owner, via Wikimedia Commons, As you might guess, field-based serialization does not call the appropriate getters and setters, and can cause runtime malfunctions. On the other hand, property-based serialization calls getters and setters if any exist. This is another thing to consider when using REST.Json , which uses field serialization instead of property serialization. REST.JSON ignores property setters

TCoffeeAndCode: Threading and Concurrency Replay

Did you miss the TCoffeeAndCode session on "All about threading and concurrency"?  The webinar replay is now available!  Hosted by Jim McKeeth and his guests: Frank Lauter, Primož Gabrijelčič, Olaf Monien, Kelver Merlotti and Dalija Prasnikar.

Mastering Delphi Memory Management Webinar Replay

In case you missed the live session, webinar replay Mastering Delphi Memory Management where I am answering your questions about memory management is available on YouTube.  Book intro by Neven Prasnikar Jr. followed by a recording of live Q&A chat hosted by Jim McKeeth. Webinar replay: Book info: Thank you all for joining live session and watching!