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Self destructing object instance

Using reference counting classes always requires some caution. You have to pay attention to reference cycles, using interface reference for referencing such object instances, not calling FreeAndNil and more... it is quite a list... But every once in a while, new ways of shooting yourself in the foot keep popping up... So here goes the story... I have two reference counted classes that hold reference to each other instances. One of those references is marked as [weak] to prevent creating strong reference cycle. type TFoo = class(TInterfacedObject) private [weak] FRef: IInterface; public constructor Create(const ARef: IInterface); end; TBar = class(TInterfacedObject) private FFoo: IInterface; public constructor Create; virtual; destructor Destroy; override; procedure AfterConstruction; override; end; constructor TFoo.Create(const ARef: IInterface); begin