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Big small update Rio 10.3.2

RAD Studio update 10.3.2 has just been released, packed with new features and improvements; some big, some small.

Big featuresDelphi macOS 64-bitC++17 for Windows 64-bitC++ LSP Code Insight ImprovementsDelphi Linux Client Application Support (recently released for 10.3.1, too) Smaller featuresRAD Server Wizards and Deployment ImprovementsEnhanced Firebase Android Support Enhancements and ImprovementsIDERuntime Library PerformanceVCL QualityiOSC++17 QualityFireMonkeyFireDAC & DatabaseWeb Clients You can find the full list with additional details at

For Delphi developers targeting Windows, there are no big features to be thrilled about. But, 10.3.2 brings many smaller fixes and improvements making this update quite worthwhile. If nothing else, a faster IDE alone justifies updating sooner, rather than later.

But don't take my word for it... just go and see for yourself...
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