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Rio 10.3.3 Update

RAD Studio 10.3.3 update is live. Just like previous 10.3.2 update got big feature in macOS 64bit platform, 10.3.3 brings long awaited Android 64bit platform support. Adding 64bit Android platform is pretty straightforward. You need to add 64bit SDK - make sure it uses the same base paths as 32bit SDK, open your project and 64bit Android will be automatically added to the platform list. You need to make sure that all deployed resources for 32bit platform are also included for 64bit platform and you are ready to go. If you want to test application on the device, you have to make sure that your device actually has 64bit Android OS. Even some newer low end devices still use 32bit OS despite the fact they do have 64bit CPUs. If you are about to purchase new device, double check OS bitness. If your device does not have 64bit OS and you run 64bit Delphi application on it, it will show message "64-bit OS device required". Unfortunately, 64bit Android debugger has s

Optimizing Layout Hierarchies

Here are the slides for my CodeRage 2019 session: Optimizing Layout Hierarchies in FireMonkey CodeRage 2019 - Optimizing Layout Hierarchies in FireMonkey You can find out more about this and register for watching at  CodeRage 2019