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FreeAndNil Debate: Thread Safety

One of the topics raised in yesterday's FreeAndNil debate was using FreeAndNil in multi-threaded code for avoiding access to a dangling reference when multiple threads are accessing and using the same object instance. Problem is that FreeAndNil is not thread-safe and cannot be used to achieve thread safety. You cannot call FreeAndNil on a shared object reference in one thread and then use if Assigned  in another to check whether object is still alive and then do something with that object. Your second thread can pass the if Assigned check and start working with the object while the first thread can destroy that object at any point. There is no mechanism in the FreeAndNil and if Assigned check that can prevent that. If you need to use shared object instance in such manner you need to use locking mechanism and lock all access, in all threads, to such an object. If you use locking mechanism, then you can use FreeAndNil in one thread and if Assigned check in another. I ment