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Coming in Delphi 12: Disabled Floating-Point Exceptions

Delphi 12 is in the works. One of its small features that will have a huge impact is a change in the default handling of floating-point exceptions, which will now be masked on all platforms. Previously, floating-point exception handling was different across platforms, and most notably on the Windows platform: In VCL and console applications, floating-point exceptions were not masked and would raise an exception. On the other hand, FireMonkey applications had all floating-exceptions masked by default, regardless of which platform they were running on. Basically if you haven't explicitly changed the exception mask in your code to some value other than the default, and you had code that attempted to divide some number with zero, you would get an EZeroDivide exception in previous Delphi versions on the Windows VCL application. In Delphi 12, there is no exception, and the result of such a division will be +INF . So the following code will no longer raise an exception. If you were r