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If you have memory problems you should eat more... actually, I have no clue what you should do then. But if you have Delphi memory problems then Deleaker by Softanics can certainly be of assistance. Deleaker has integration with both Delphi (RAD Studio) and Visual Studio as well as standalone application. It can help you find various types of leaks in Windows applications - memory, GDI, handles in unmanaged and .NET applications. It has extremely low learning curve and you can start hunting memory leaks immediatelly. Thourough documentation and tutorials make this process even easier. Basically, it offers plug and play experience, something that is not commonly seen in non trivial developer tools. Hunting down memory leaks of any kind can be tedious and tiresome job, especially when leaks have gone out of control. One of the most usefull options that can help in pinpointing problems faster is Deleaker's ability to easily create memory snapshots while your program is runni