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Productivity tips

Productivity is a highly subjective topic. What makes one person productive might not work for another. However, that doesn't mean that sharing your own experience is not useful for other people. If some of the following tips don't work for you, that is perfectly fine.😃 No distractions Nothing kills productivity as much as being distracted all the time: kids, coworkers, bosses, cats, dogs, social media, ... While you cannot always eliminate the source of distraction, you can minimize its impact (at least sometimes). When you know up front that you are going to be distracted, doing highly focused work will be frustrating and totally unproductive. At such times, it is more productive to do some tasks where being distracted will not harm the process as much. At least you will be able to do some work, as opposed to not doing it at all, or doing it poorly. Getting into the Zone Not all distractions come from the outside. If your own state of mind is not in the right place, pus