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Catch Me If You Can - Part II

It has been quite some time since I wrote the Catch Me If You Can post about the inability of LLVM-backed compilers to catch non-call hardware exceptions. In other words, hardware exceptions raised by code written in the same block as the try...except exception handler. Since then, more LLVM-backed compilers have been added to Delphi, and with those, more reasons to change common coding practices... but still, very few developers know about the issue. The original article covered only try...except exception handlers, and exploring what exactly happens with implicit and explicit try...finally handlers was left as an exercise to the readers and to some future, now long overdue, post. And Now: All Hell Breaks Loose When you read about non-call hardware exceptions not being caught by an immediate try...except block, the implications might not look too serious. After all, while plenty of code can raise exceptions, try...except handlers are not that frequently used in places, as mo