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Unified Memory Management - Coming with 10.4 Beta

As announced on previous roadmaps, the 10.4 release of Delphi is planned to have unified memory management. That means retiring the ARC compiler on mobile platforms, which will now operate under the same good old manual memory management model that originated on Windows. Unification is good. Completely different memory management models require slightly different code. That alone breaks the promise of a single code base for all platforms. In reality, if you need to target platforms with different memory management models you will find yourself coding under the requirements of manual memory management where ARC will only throw you some curveballs. Constrained ARC is bad ARC, it is not useful, it cannot unleash its full power. On one side I am happy because of unification, on the other I am sad to see the ARC compiler go. It had great potential and was mostly brought down by unoptimized RTL/FMX code that was written for manual memory management. There is a whole lot of code that coul