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Beware of loops and tasks

Loops and anonymous methods don't go hand in hand. Any variable that changes for each iteration will cause problems if it is used within an anonymous method. I explained the mechanism behind variable capturing in the post Mysterious Case Of Wrong Value , along with the problem it causes with loops and its solution. Commonly, anonymous methods are used as callbacks or event handlers, where there are no loops in the context where variable capture happens. While there is a possibility to have an unexpected—wrong—value in such scenarios, it is rather easy to debug them and understand the order in which some code is called, and why the captured value is wrong in a given place. With the rise of multi-threading usage, and especially the Parallel Programming Library and tasks, writing anonymous methods inside a loop becomes more common, and it is much easier to write code where a captured variable will have the wrong value. The biggest problem with such code is that it will be harder to