Delphi Memory Management - Paperback Edition Released!

Dear Gaia,

I admit. I'm weak. I caved in. Please forgive me!



I hope Gaia will accept my apology!

I caved in to popular demand and have released a dead tree edition of my book. The first prints just came from Amazon (.com not the rain-forest... not sure about the origin of the paper, though...), and the book is ready for sale in its paperback form!

You paperback lovers, you...

You can find several ordering options, from eBook (PDF, epub, Mobi, Kindle all together at $37.50), single license or multi-developer site license, to Paperback (via Amazon, $45) and the bundle of both eBook & Paperback (ePixEditions/FastSpring and Lulu, together $60).

You'll find all of this at:


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