NX Horizon - Event Bus for Delphi

 I have published initial release of NX Horizon Event Bus for Delphi as Open Source on GitHub.


  • implements the publish/subscribe pattern, decoupling publishers and subscribers
  • events are categorized by type
  • any Delphi type can be used as an event
  • supports four types of event delivery: synchronous, asynchronous, synchronous in the context of the main thread, and asynchronous in the context of the main thread
  • provides generic record and reference-counted class wrappers for easier usage and management of existing types as events
  • simple in both implementation and usage
  • fast
  • full thread safety



  1. Do you have any examples of using NX Horizon with custom classes/records as event types?


    1. No, I don't have specific examples. But the principles are the same, just event types are differ. You can find declarations for different event types in README

      TFoo = class

      TOtherFoo = type TFoo;

      TIntegerEvent = type Integer;
      TStringEvent = type string;
      TFooEvent = INxEvent<TFoo>;
      TOtherFooEvent = INxEvent<TOtherFoo>;
      TRectEvent = type TRect;
      TOtherRectEvent = type TRect;


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