Delphi 12.1 & New Quality Portal Released

The Delphi 12.1 update has been released. Besides a number of bug fixes, this release also has a few new features.

The most notable ones are the new Split Editor, which allows having multiple files opened side by side; and support for Android API 34.

You can find more information about what is new in this update at

However, the greatest change for all Delphi developers is a new bug tracking portal that replaces the old one, still available in read-only mode at

The new portal is hosted in Atlassian Cloud or through a redirect and is based on Jira Service Management (JSM), while the internal bug tracking system, which was also migrated to the cloud, was not changed and is running on Jira. This move to the cloud was inevitable, because Atlassian retired their Server line of products.

JSM is a lightweight bug tracking system, and there are some changes in the workflow and capabilities compared to Jira.

The user interface is much simpler, but in some parts also a bit more confusing to those of us accustomed to Jira. Namely, JSM is more of a customer support portal designed for managing customer requests and issues on an individual basis, and not so much oriented towards being a collaborative bug tracking system with shared issues.

Reported issues can be shared among multiple customers, but you have to explicitly share your report (fortunately, that is the default behavior) if you want others to see it.

Another nuisance is that once submitted, the report cannot be edited, and you can only post comments. So we should all remember to read our reports more carefully before clicking Send.

Once you log in, you will be able to choose what you want to report: New Feature, Bug, or Documentation Bug. What is not so obvious is how you can inspect already filed reports. This is hidden behind the Requests button in the top bar. In the pulldown menu, you will be able to select issues you have reported, all issues, and issues reported by Embarcadero Customers. This strange Embarcadero Customers entry is basically a special group that allows sharing reports between different reporters.

When you are submitting a new report, at the very bottom you will find a dropdown menu Share with:, where you have to select Embarcadero Customers (this is the default option) if you want to make that report visible to all. If you select No one option, then your report will not be visible to others.

Using the default, shared option, is preferred to allow others to see your issue like they always could, and spare them the trouble of reporting the same issue again. Sharing also allows others to comment, adding suggestions and workarounds.


  1. They keep changing their website address every few years. All links will be broken again now.


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